Why It's Important For Journalists Covering The 2016 Presidential Races To #TalkPoverty

While the first #GOPDebate featured a lot of discussion about the Iran Deal and quickly became the Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump show, only Ohio Gov, John Kasich tried, unsuccessfully to talk about the topic of poverty. On Aug. 7, @AllDigitocracy held the #TalkPoverty Tweet Chat to talk about it.

  1. When the delegates of the 2016 Republican and Democratic Conventions come to the host cities of Cleveland and Philadelphia respectively, they will be nominating presidential candidates in cities with high rates of poverty. Over half of Cleveland's children live in poverty and Philadelphia has the highest rate of deep poverty in the nation, meaning that the earnings of a significant percentage of the population are less than half of the poverty level.
  2. The rise and spread of poverty in U.S. cities, in darkly beautiful maps, via @emilymbadger  http://wpo.st/nlrT0  #talkpoverty
  3. The purpose of the #TalkPoverty Tweet Chat was to discuss the issue of poverty and how reporters can work this important issue into their coverage of the 2016 Presidential Race. Joining AllDigitocracy's Tracie Powell were E. Tammy Kim of AlJazeera America, Rhonda LeValdo of Unity Journalists for Diversity and Marisol Bello of the Center for Community Change Action.
  4. The discussion started with a look at the previous night's debate, why poverty didn't really come up, and how moderators could have better handled that topic.

  5. 1. #TalkPoverty What candidates did a better job of talking about issues related to poverty during last night’s @etammykim #GOPDebate
  6. .@allDigitocracy There was SO little #talkpoverty in the #GOPDebate. The closest we got was Kasich defending OH's Medicaid expansion.
  7. @allDigitocracy. kasich touched on the topic, but no substantive discussion from any of the 17 candidates #TalkPoverty
  8. In fact, LeValdo said, it appeared that the candidates felt that less was more when it comes to poverty.

  9. @allDigitocracy Frankly I don't think anyone talk to well about poverty but majority of reducing funds that help people #talkpoverty
  10. @allDigitocracy @etammykim i'd say both. mods needed to ask substantive questions to get candidates off tp. #TalkPoverty
  11. But how much of the lack of interest displayed in the #GOPDebate can we connect to the lack of interest in poverty on behalf of the news media?
  12. @Marisol_Bello Wht are we missing? If journos aren't concerned abt poverty, how'r voters/candidates expected 2 be? #TalkPoverty #GOPDebate
  13. .@allDigitocracy1st have to recognize this is issue that matters, sources are there:106m struggling to make ends meet in US #TalkPoverty
  14. .@allDigitocracy during Recession, pov was big bec of "disappearing middle class" that's when journos were interested (3) #TalkPoverty
  15. .@allDigitocracy #TalkPoverty "Poverty" is a huge beat: from educ to crim justice & jobs. It's critical to ask about prisons & reentry.
  16. .@allDigitocracy #TalkPoverty K-12 education, affordable housing, esp in light of recent SCOTUS and @HUDgov moves.
  17. Most of what we know about poverty is how it manifests itself in urban areas. How it impacts Native American communities is also important for us to discuss.

  18. @rhondalevaldo Pls help us understand how poverty impacts Native Americans differently than rest of US? #TalkPoverty #GOPDebate
  19. @allDigitocracy There are no economic opportunities,but some tribes are trying to fix that with businesses #talkpoverty
  20. @allDigitocracy A lot of blaming for Native ppl,it's their fault they r poor,but a lot is because of what was done by gov't #talkpoverty
  21. @rhondalevaldo Can you be more specific, what tribes & what kinds of businesses. Maybe story ideas for journos to follow-up. #TalkPoverty
  22. @allDigitocracy @UNITY_JFD is hosting summits in areas that r ignored&are opportunities 2 highlight issues about inequality #talkpoverty
  23. In fact, the organization is hosting two of these summits in two sections of the country whose poverty issues have made the national news.
  24. How should journalists approach writing and reporting about poverty?

  25. .@allDigitocracy @rhondalevaldo It's old-fashioned reporting,take it on as beat, like @etammykim.Be where working families are.#TalkPoverty
  26. @allDigitocracy @Marisol_Bello @etammykim Find people in community to show how it affects them.Get away from lazy stereotype #talkpoverty
  27. @Marisol_Bello @etammykim @rhondalevaldo How to put a human face on it to help journos care enough to cover these issues? #TalkPoverty
  28. Putting a human face on the topic while important, can also be complicated, LeValdo said.
  29. @allDigitocracy Those tribes that r suffering need help. But that isn't a reason to show those terrible conditions as a plea. #talkpoverty
  30. @Marisol_Bello 5. What questions shld journos ask candidates when it comes to reporting on poverty? #TalkPoverty #GOPDebate
  31. The answers to that question brought up a lot of really salient topics.

  32. @allDigitocracy What are they doing to reduce homelessness? or help families that are in need?Any iniatives besides reducing $? #talkpoverty
  33. .@allDigitocracy 1) children in poverty (14m.), esp high poverty areas, how will they address their needs, reduce those #s? #TalkPoverty
  34. @allDigitocracy @UNITY_JFD the things they are doing to help their communities like building homes for others. #talkpoverty
  35. Not relying on the same old sources and resources also helps improve coverage of poverty.
  36. .@allDigitocracy Lots grassroots folks doing imp work in areas of how families hurt by mass incarceration, immig,disinvestment.#TalkPoverty