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@WSJ Social Media Director. I tweet about world news, journalism, social media. @onanyc co-organizer. NTimes, WashPost, ABC alum. Liz.Heron[@]

Elana Zak

Social media producer The Wall Street Journal. Hungry to make an impact in social media.

David Benoit

WSJ Deal Journal writer.

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The Wall Street Journal's coverage of news, sports, real estate, and culture in the Greater New York area.

Lauren Weber


Cynthia Collins

@NYTimes digital marketing/social media. Professional fan of Springsteen & E Street Band, Yankees baseball & surfing. Man, the dope's that there's still hope.


Writer actor MST3K RiffTrax!

Jake Fogelnest

Call me on my home phone number: (646) 484-5323.


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