Dementia at the Festival of behaviour Change, 17th May 2016, Pontio Bangor

Social media activity for the programme on older people and dementia for #BehFest16


  1. A two week festival of Behaviour Change brought together researchers, third sector organisations, artists, industry experts, policy makers and people interested in behaviour change for discussions, workshops and talks. On the 17th May, the day explored conversations on ageing and the elderly with a lot of focus on dementia. Read on for an overview of the day:
  2. The voices of people living with dementia were represented in two talks: the first by the Dementia Empowerment and Engagement Project where Chris Roberts and rachel Niblock talked about the importance of involving people with dementia in decisions surrounding their cicumstances as well as providing social and engagement opportunties to support people to be involved in their communities.
  3. There was also a riveting presentation by Dr Carolien Lamers and Dr Rebecca Sharp on 'Why good people do bad things', looking at examples of how 'bad' care happens in care facilities.