Sonisphere festival cancelled!

Knebworth's famous festival has been cancelled and confirmed by organisers.


  1. #sonisphere #opeth #download #festival
    #sonisphere #opeth #download #festival
  2. Last week, a shock announcement was made that stunned festival goers everywhere. 
  3. The official announcement was made over Twitter early on Thursday morning last week after rumours had been circulating the previous evening following news of the cancellation on Queen's official website. But what was really to blame for Sonisphere's shock cancellation?

  4. Following the line-up in 2011 that boasted headliners Metallica, Slipknot and Biffy Clyro, many believe that this years line-up wasn't up to scratch, mainly due to the addition of Adam Lambert, American Idol winner, to Queen. 
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  7. It will become apparent if this is the real reason the festival was cancelled as the band, with their new addition, are looking for somewhere else to perform within the UK.
  8. The organisers of the festival expressed that the cancellation of the festival was due to 'a weak economy and some bad luck.' Fans over Twitter and Facebook expressed their shock as soon as the announcement was confirmed. 
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  12. It seems that a few were also breathing a sigh of relief along with the pang of devastation following the announcement, confirming that money is tight for just about everyone... 
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  15. The backlash from the festivals cancellation has now started. The Knebworth Estate in Stevenage where the fesitval is always held was relying on ticket sales this year to fund a restoration project in the grounds. 
  16. Martha Lytton-Cobbold who manages the property expressed that her and her family may have to leave the estate if they can't maintain the estate. She said to The Independant, "Losing Sonisphere has left a huge hole in our financial projections. But there is a lot of economic instability which affected ticket sales and the promoters took an intelligent decision to cancel this year."

    Someone else that has spoke out about the cancellation is rapper, Example. 
  17. He told NME festival, "There was a boom a few years ago. Every second person wherever you went was starting a festival in the UK and anyone whose dad owned a farm. So obviously a lot of them are starting to go under."
  18. The publics response after this article was published seems to back up Examples comments.