The unique online Harry Potter experience has been released, without warning, from JK Rowling.


  1. Harry Potter maniacs all over the world rejoiced on Saturday as the long awaited opening of the Pottermore website arrived, after weeks of pestering from fans.  
  2. The site officially became live on the morning of 14th April...
  3. ...but because the launch wasn't publicly announced, fans are still just noticing it's arrival. 
  4. A select group of 'beta' users were selected in Summer last year to trial the website after finding a series of keys hidden across websites. However, it seems that most of them were not impressed with the website.
  5. The 'beta' users were asked to report feedback to the developers as to what could be changed, and it seems, for the most part, they listened... 
  6. ...and although some beta users are still bitter and adamant that the site wasn't all it was cracked up to be, some are still asking for recognition. 
  7. The site allows users to be immersed in the world surrounding the Harry Potter books, starting with the first; the Philosipher's Stone. 
  8. Once users have chosen their username, which is given to each member, and the registration email has been received, the magic begins. 
  9. However, because users don't get to make their own name, many are unimpressed.