Avengers Assemble!

After all the individual films had been released, Nick Fury, director of S.H.E.I.L.D has finally assembled his army of Avengers in the Marvel epic.


  1. Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2012) Watch the Official trailer | HD
  2. Comic book fans from all around the world have waited for what seems like forever for the release of the film that was promised to trump all comic book films. 
  3. This all began when Ironman was released back in 2008 with a short clip at the end featuring Samuel L Jackson playing the famous Nick Fury. To those who didn't know Fury's character, the clip was meaningless, but to Marvel's trusty comic geeks, it was a sign of things to come. 
  4. The next film to be released was Edward Norton's portrayal of the Incredible Hulk. The film didn't receive as much recognition as Ironman, but Marvel used their clever 'end credits' clip to keep audiences gripped to the tale. The scene saw Tony Stark, Ironman without his protective armour, addressing General Ross of his 'problem', thus referring to the Hulk. Edward Norton was replaced as the Hulk for the Avengers film by Mark Ruffalo. 
  5. The Ironman 2 credits led the way for Thor, showing Agent Coulson, a SHEILD worker, finding Thor's hammer in the middle of the New Mexico desert... 
  6. Thor's film brought to light the battle between him and his adopted brother, Loki on his home planet of Asgard. Loki dies towards the end of the film but viewers were stunned when he appeared in the clip after the credits. It was unknown then that Loki, and the power source Fury was talking about were going to be crucial to the Avengers story. 
  7. The last film to be released that tied together most of the loose ends was Captain America: The First Avenger. Ironic it may be that the first guy that started it all came last in the sequence, but Marvel did the right thing. The film answered the question as to what the shiny blue energy cube was at the end of Thor and the end credits clip gave everyone around the world a look at what the Avengers movie had to offer. 
  8. Here are all of the clips at the end of each Marvel film... 
  9. All Avengers post-credit scenes: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America & Thor
  10. After teasing fans for so long, it was time to assemble the Avengers... 
  11. The film opened on April 26th in the UK and has since been met with nothing but praise from all of the fans. 
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  14. And the people who haven't seen it yet are excited to get there.