Education Think Tank at BETT Hosted by Dell

A small group of educators, principals, superintendents, IT administrators and community members all interested in and active in social media came together in person at the BETT education conference in London to discuss important technology trends in education.

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  1. Dell Education Think Tank - London
  2. The 2012 BETT show brought together more than 30,000 leaders in technology and education at Olympia in London.
  3. Moderator Ewan McIntosh kicked off the day with the question: What are your happiest and least happy moments of learning.

  4. The Importance of Loving To Learn
  5. Dom Breadmore, community educator and digital media artist, shares his personal experience with the joys and challenges of learning.
  6. EdTech's Tom Barrett calls out the happiest and least happy times learning from people joining the discussion via Twitter.
  7. Dell Education Think Tank - London
  8. The conversation was graphically recorded throughout the day.
  9. On encouraging students to take risks and finding creative solutions...

  10. Why Students Need The Freedom To Fail
  11. Tony Wilson with 4thought Group emphasizes the necessity of creating an environment in which mistakes and failure are welcome.
  12. How Apps For Good Gets Students More Involved and Creative
  13. Debbie Forster, Interim CEO of CDI Europe, talks about the program, Apps for Good, that teaches young people make a positive change in the world through mobile app creation.  Visit for more information.