Some Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Extensions: By Bahar Radman

This article takes you through some frequently asked questions about hair extensions.


  1. If you'd want to transform your appearance by giving thick and full length to your hair, you should invest in a good set of hair extensions. They're effective… they're affordable… and most importantly, they're in trend. In fact, the celebrity factor has played a crucial role in catapulting the popularity of hair extensions in the last few years. How am I that sure? Well, I'm very close to the beauty industry. I'm Bahar Radman, the owner of Del Beauty Box – a renowned hair extensions salon in Del Mar.
  2. Being a beauty and hair stylist, I often come across people, who're not very much sure about hair extensions. In this post, I've tried to cover almost every question from the very basic to the tricky one. Be with me by the end of this post and I'm sure you'll get answers to your questions regarding hair extensions.
  3. Q1. How much time does it take to add hair extensions to my hair?
    A – This depends on two things - (i) what look you want to have, and (ii) how many extensions you actually need for that look. Moreover, the thickening process usually takes 2-3 hours, whereas lengthening process could take around 3-5 hours.
  4. Q2. Will hair extensions look natural on my hair?
    A – In order to have a natural look, it's very important to choose the right color that indeed goes with the color of your natural locks and the right type of extensions. Always choose extensions made from human hair. Moreover, if it's only for fun, or to have a funky look for a club party, then people around you may not find them natural, but it's all because you'd want them to know.
  5. Q 3. How long can I expect my hair to be after wearing hair extensions?
    A – Ideally you can add 4-5 inches to your length.
  6. Q 4. How much do hair extensions cost?
    A – Please refer to  .
  7. Q 5. How long do extensions last?
    A –
    If they're applied perfectly and well taken care of, they may last up to three months. However, make sure to choose the finest quality hair extensions.
  8. Q 6. Can I swim or go out in the rain with my extensions?
    A – If you invest in high quality extensions, the extension joints won't show, no matter – whether you bath, shower, or swim. You can be 'YOU' anytime, anywhere without worrying about your hair extensions. The best part is – our hair extensions connect to your natural locks so well that nobody can differentiate between them and your natural hair.
  9. Q 7. Will I be able to use my hairdryer, hot rollers or other similar equipment?
    A – Of course, yes! If you use natural hair extensions, you can use all of them without any worry. Our specialists will explain you everything how to style your hair with a styling equipment.
  10. Q 8. Can I leave my hair to dry naturally?
    A – Yes! If your hair extensions are applied perfectly, you can then treat them just like your own natural locks.
  11. These are some questions that we're commonly asked about our hair extensions services. If you think I just missed something very important, just comment below and let us know. We'll be happy to discuss your needs.
  12. RESOURCE BOX: The author of this article belongs to Del Beauty Box. Del Beauty Box is a splendid collision of art and hairdressing, which is backed up with a team of skillful and experienced hairstylists and make-up experts. The experts ensure that their customers get desired styles or the ones which suit them the most.