Del Beauty Box beauty services

Let our trained beauticians at The Del Beauty box find the best products, colors, tools and application methods for you, or come in for spectacular event and bridal makeup artistry by our professional Makeup Artists.


  1. Depending on the service chosen, our professional team will analyse your skin tone, type and skin texture, discuss your current makeup regime, and the look you would like to achieve. From here, we can suggest products and colours that will best suit your individual needs, and apply these using professional tools and techniques. Walk away with a beautiful mineral makeup application (fee applies), some insider tips and tricks, or a wish list of gorgeous makeup products for now or later. 

    Trial makeup

    Get a 15 minute makeup consultation by a member of our Del Beauty box makeup team. This consultation will allow you to learn about our makeup foundations, lip or eye products with a trained professional, and choose the correct colours and products for your skin. (Cost: $70 and up)

    Professional Day/ Night Full Makeup Application

    This advanced makeup session gives you a personalised formal look for your special day, with the most perfect application by our Makeup Artists. Includes -contouring, false lashes, liquid liner and/or any other formal technique. Top tip: Give your Makeup Artist free reign to give you the most beautiful look to suit your face shape, eye shape, eye colour, skin tone and style.

    Day Makeup $55 and up

    Night Makeup $65 and up

    Advanced Makeup Application: Day/ Night airbrush makeup

    Dramatic, editorial high fashion, or fantasy makeup are all available for an additional charge.

    Air Brush Makeup $85 and up

    Practice Session - Bridal and Special Events

    This extended session creates a personalised look, whether it's for a wedding, party, the races, or a formal event. Come in and let us show you options to decide on your best look for that special day. Practice sessions should be scheduled well in advance of your event where possible to ensure you can secure your makeup artist for the actual event.