Del Beauty Box: A Life-Changing Beauty Salon in Del Mar

Read this article and find out what one of our customers feels about our beauty salon. Also, find out why you should give us a try.


  1. Del Beauty Box is really a trendsetting spot, at least for me. This beauty salon has everything that one needs for a complete makeover. It's filled with amazingly talented hair stylists and beauty experts, who're always working to improve, inspire and fulfill your beauty needs.
  2. I visited Del Beauty Box almost a year ago, since then, I always go there for whatever my beauty needs. You can call me their regular customer, who is indeed very happy and satisfied. And why wouldn't I be? They always meet, in fact, exceed my expectation level, especially Bahar Radman – the creator of Del Beauty Box.
  3. “Bahar Radman is a life-changing magic woman”.
  4. To be honest, my hair had been through a lot, when I first visited this beauty salon. I'd love to call Bahar my hair doctor, because that's what she is in true sense – she takes care of my frizzy curls holistically, ensuring I get what I dream of. She is unbelievable and she is really good at what she does. I really value my relationship with her, which is more than a business-client one. Whenever I meet her, I feel so relaxed knowing that my hair is in the right hands.
  5. It wasn't like that I never visited expensive name brand salons, however, they were somehow not able to deliver the desired results. Most of them used to give me an 'okay-okay' job and the thing that made me look for some other salon was – I used to feel that my voice wasn't heard.
  6. Switching to Del Beauty Box was a good decision and I thank God that I did this. Unlike what most salons do, this beauty salon includes my lifestyle and goals in the hair care plan to give the look I desire.
  7. Gone are the days when I used to get frustrated looking at my frizzy hair, I now get tons of compliments, which make me proud of my hair. Thanks to Bahar Radman! I love my hair.
  8. If you're also not satisfied with the service you're getting from your regular salon, or if you're locating a Del Mar blow dry bar, give Del Beauty Box a try. I'm sure you'll get what you're looking for.
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