Storified: The All-Staff Storify Retreat

March 14, 2013 | SAUSALITO, California | Storify has an incredible team of talented folks who are passionate about its mission. I facilitated their offsite, so I figured it would be appropriate to storify it.


  1. We took a step back from the workaday rush at a startup to reflect on two questions: "Why do you do what you do?" (aka "wdydwyd?") and "Why do we do what we do?" as a company. 

    We shared stories. We went on a hike. We built sandcastles.
  2. Storify team members answer "wdydwyd?" 

    I asked them to ham it up, so I chose the most ridiculous ones here because they're fun.
    Bo Hee Kim & Frederic Jacobs not pictured.
  3. Ryan Stubblefield | engineer @Storify
    Ryan Stubblefield | engineer @Storify
  4. Skyler Rogers | community support @Storify
    Skyler Rogers | community support @Storify
  5. Hike

  6. Drip Castles

    What's a retreat without an experiential exercise in order to draw deep, profound, life-altering lessons about working as a team? Ha! Anyway, it was fun.

    Assignment: Build a drip sand castle. 

    Only two rules:
    1. Build whatever you want, however you want, where ever you want.
    2. You can only use sand by dripping.