Skills for Land-Based Outdoor and adventurous activities P1 M1

This assignment is about 4 outdoor land based activities.


  1. Hill Walking.
  2. Hill walking is an adventurous activity and is land based, with this activity you can walk around places where there are amazing sights of the countryside or places which you can look for ad explore. Hill walking in a group is a good idea as when in a group you can have a good time together in the country looking at all the different land marks you discover. The skills and aims of hill walking is skills deveelopment and also team development working together to read the map and discovery of an area where you are. These tracks and walks are normally nautral.
  3. Governing bodies of Hill Walking.
  4. These link is to the governing body of hill walking, climbers and mountaineers this is there to protect and help people doing these activitys on a daily basis.
  5. There are events and hill walking events on at the time the year i have found a webiste for hill wlaks in lincolnshire and this will help you explore the surrounding area. Link below
  6. Rock Climbing.
  7. Rock climbing is a very fun and adventurous sport and hobby that a lot of people do. You can take prt in rock climbing in doors and outdoors. Rock climbing can be done in a team and is fun to do out in safe areas of the countryside. Rock climbing is mostly done single and therefore increase personal development in the sport.
  8. Governing bodies of Rock Climbing.
  9. This again is the same, the BMC or the British Mountaineering Council are one of the governing bodies in rock climbing there is also one which is also listed underneath called the MLTUK or also known as Mountain Leader Training UK.
  10. Here is a link to a website for the biggest climbing wall in Lincolnshire which is open all year round to all ages of people with clubs and competitions a normal thing where you can win prizes and experience the climbing wall. This link is to all the open times and events that take place at The Showroom..
  11. Snowboarding
  12. Snowboarding is a very enjoyable sport and hobby to get into the only problem with snowboarding is there are not many places to go snowboarding in this country they are all inside areas but still they can be done and feel just as good as when out on snowboarding slopes in different countries.
  13. These pictures are indoor snowboarding slopes and look and feel like the real thing and this is how people do snowboarding and practice in this country where we don't get much snow. Snow slopes are public and can be sometimes provided by private providers depend on the times and dates of events.