#twubchat 08/06/15: Livestreaming Your Twitter Chat?

Recap of weekly #twubchat Thursday (6PM PST / 9PM ET)

  1. This week on #twubchat we continued our livestream video embed of Meerkat (beta) for our chat. We are not simply talking about livestreaming and Twitter chats, we want to use it ourselves to increase engagement with you all! So far it has been effective for us. Our audience has grown since we added a video component, so we are hooked.
  2. On the video, we welcomed viewers and encouraged folks to participate in answering the questions we had. The beautiful thing about any of these interactive platforms is the ability to get realtime interaction with your audience.
  3. We encourage participants to follow along on our #twubchat page, since 1) host questions are pinned to the top and easier to find in the stream and 2) your tweet gets the hashtag added automatically (less typing for you).
  4. We explain that we enjoy the opportunity to welcome businesses who are new to these platforms. There are no stupid questions when we are just learning how to apply a new technology. The #twubchat community knows that these chats are a safe zone for asking questions.
  5. At this point in the livestream, our host realizes that there may be audience members unfamiliar with some social media terms. Since #twubchat is about creating a safe learning space, knowledge isn't assumed. The following Social Media Glossary was then shared.
  6. Assuming you're already hosting twitter chats, before jumping into ANY video platform 1) make sure you know if your audience is on there already 2) understand how long your video lasts 3) know how easy your saved video is to share 4) understand the interaction dynamics (e.g. users' in app comments, are they permanent or do they disappear?)
  7. The best way to learn is to follow generous practitioners -- and there are many out there. Keep a notebook of what you see that works, what you like, what doesn't work.
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