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The photoshopped Democratic Congress

News broke Friday that the images of four Democratic women were belatedly added to a photo of the Democratic House. The women showed up late for the official photo, and so this one was posted on Flickr. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended the action.


  1. The four who are photoshopped in are way in the back in the photo on the right (above).
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  3. Here is a close up of the four women who were added digitally

  4. The First one on the left is U. S. Rep Yvette Clarke, New York City. She is newly elected.

  5. The next one is  U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Democrat from Weston, Florida. She has been in Congress since 2005.

  6. Also, photoshopped in was Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. She has held her seat since 2005.
  7. And, finally U.S. Rep.  Corrine Brown from the 5th District in Florida is all the way to right in the photo of the four who were added. She is brand new to Congress.

  8. Nancy Pelosi said the photo is still historically accurate

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