Reaction to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's ban on telecommuting

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is banning one of the hallmarks of the high tech arena: telecommuting. Does that mean workers all over America will have to trade their sweatpants for khakis and yoga pants for skirts?

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  1. Marissa Mayer bans telecommuting at Yahoo
  2. So sad that a CEO of a brand like Yahoo! has no grasp on reality, let alone any morsel of respect for employees.
  3. Interesting read, and I couldn't agree more. I'm dismayed that Wisconsin native and Stanford alum Marissa Mayer claims that she is not a part of the movement which was instrumental in giving her the very opportunity she now enjoys (as CEO of a public company!) Makes me look forward to Sheryl Sandberg's book - she calls herself a feminist and is working hard to give back (despite the fact that her solution may not be for everyone).
  4. The Atlantic weighed in with a story citing studies which show that while certainly not everyone telecommutes those who do are not sitting around drinking coffee and doing their laundry.  Productivity does not drop and it often saves companies money. 
  5. Virgin America CEO Richard Branson was confused by CEO Marissa Mayer's decision, which was leaked by employees who released a Yahoo memo on the topic.
  6. But some ex-Yahoos say that the CEO got it right. Many people at Yahoo do not work in the office, and plenty of them are not as productive as they could be.
  7. If the problem is productivity, then some urged Mayer to find a different approach.
  8. Mayer, it was reported, is tired of seeing the parking lot fill up slowly in the morning, and empty out quickly in the early evening, even though many high-tech companies support tele-commuting. Still, even at these companies, plenty of people come to work every day. 
  9. The fact that Mayer, who was pregnant when she became Yahoo CEO, is a woman and a mother irked many women who are looking to her to set an example for mothers juggling career and family. 
  10. 18 years ago this December 21st I became one of the first women in my field to work from home. Since, I've done award winning work for a breadth of clients that range from little known non-profits to huge corporations and school districts. I've also guided my family through births, deaths, and obstacles and joys I could never have foreseen, and guided other women through successfully making this transition to the freelance world. Marissa Mayers is dead wrong about telecommuting, and sounds just like the manager I had close to two decades ago at Earle Palmer Brown, who couldn't understand the potential of telecommuting. I blamed his blindness on the novelty of the Internet and email, and his 1950s style marriage. Mayer has no excuse. Shame on her.
  11. They were quick to point out that Mayer built a nursery in her office for her child.