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San Francisco Giants: Tweets from Opening Day

Here's a collection of photos & tweets from the opening day of baseball season: The World Series Champions San Francisco Giants #sfgiants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers.


  1. Whether they were sitting in the stands, at a bar or at their desk at work, San Francisco Giants fans rejoiced in the opening day of Major League Baseball, and tweeted their chants of "beat LA!"  Fans were watching  from Tennessee to Washington D.C., from  Colorado to Oregon, and of course, in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

  2. The Giants started the season in Los Angeles.
  3. Fans dusted off their Giants gear.
  4. The San Francisco 49ers offered their best wishes
  5. There were couples with mixed allegiances
  6. And, families with the same allegiance 

  7. Some fans were watching the game in anyway they could