Facebook goes red over same sex marriage, but does it matter?

As the U.S. Supreme Court debated California's Proposition 8 ban on same sex marriage Tuesday, Facebook turned red as users changed their profile photos to the equality symbol. That prompted a debate on Facebook on whether such a social media movement makes a difference.

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  1. Can the simple act of changing your profile photo can make a difference in a Supreme Court case. Some people were doubtful, but others said the act may seem simple, but it is powerful.  The following illustrates the back and forth debate on that question as Facebook turned red & pink.
  2. Facebook is going red today. SCOTUS, please pay attention.
  3. I think its interesting how everyone on Facebook thinks that changing their profile photo in support of gay marriage is a positive thing. Don't get me wrong here, I get that people like to show their support for their causes on here and all, but what is the real effect here? I mean, do people really think that having a shitload of peoples profile photos being the same symbol is somehow going to magically influence the Supreme Court hearings today? Like its some kind of mystical good luck talisman? At some point in the oral arguments are we going to hear testimony to the effect of "Your Honor, currently there are XX million people in support of equal rights for gay marriage on Facebook" It just all seems rather silly to me.
  4. I am heartened that so many people have taken the "equality" symbol for their profile pic today. However, I do find it ironic that our protest is being staged on facebook, and our target, SCOTUS, is so anti-technology that they won't allow even still cameras in the court room.
  5. Facebook Turns Red as SCOTUS Marriage Equality Hearings Begin ow.ly/2vK0xr
  6. My facebook feed is lighting up with red equality. Here's hoping SCOTUS takes a stand and proves once again that the US really is the land of the free.
  7. All of this red on facebook brings a tear to my eye. I just wanna give everyone a hug and a kitten for your support! Thank you. <3
  8. I know some people are on our side but don't want to change their profile pics and that is totally cool and up to them, but can I just say that I am LOVING all the red boxes I'm seeing today? This has me so happy to see all the positivity floating on the interwebs! Keep it going, Facebook friends! :)
  9. Am I able to support gay marriage without changing my profile picture?
  10. The pink and red version of the HRC logo as my profile picture is my way of joining a movement on Facebook to show my support of marriage equality. As the SCOTUS begins discussing same sex marriage laws today. I always have been, and always will be a supporter of full marriage equality across the United States for same sex couples. Im queer friendly, an ally, whatever you want to call me. No negative or hateful comments will stay on my page, and frankly if this statement offends you please feel free to unfriend me both on Facebook and in real life ;)
  11. Huge fan of marriage equality. Not a fan of facebook viral memes. I fully support the rights of all my friends to marry the people they love, but I won't be changing my profile pic.
  12. My avatar isn't a red equality sign. Not doing what everyone else is doing makes me a Bad Gay and now I have to opposite-marry a Kardashian.
  13. I'm all for equality, and I hope SCOTUS does the right thing and shuts prop 8 down. That said, my Facebook feed right now looks like it's been shanghaied by overzealous Mark Rothko fans.
  14. So I wasn't going to change my photo because I know a facebook trend will have absolutely no effect on the SCOTUS but it is really heartening to scroll through my feed and see all the red
  15. By choosing to copy and display Sal Magnone 's blue and yellow Equal sign, rather than the red and pink of Mike Brennan or Eduardo Bacares 's Equal sign, have I unwittingly joined a separate faction of Equality supporters? Can we be divided in our Equality? Is there a wiki yet that will assign a particular personal cause to my choice of colors? This seems to have gotten complicated. Lets simplify: "Friends don't let friends be bigots" We'll said Smike. NB: This flies in the face of my usual anti-political FB stance but I think it's important enough to stand with the many friends (both on Facebook and not) that I've had over the years that deserve to live their lives and not have their happiness dictated by others. I consider it more of a common sense issue than a political cause. Feel free to unfriend if you can't get past this.
  16. My facebook feed is a sea of red today. very cool.
  17. Alot of you are wondering what the red equal sign is your seeing going viral across Facebook. Its showing that we support marriage equality. Not gay marriage not straight marriage but equal rights for everyone. Today, I wear red, not just as an outcry for change but as a Banner of Freedom and Equality!! I pray that more people would stand beside me and hope and pray America changes today!! I'll head into work today and hopefully see atleast 1 person supporting this dream!!! I look forward to the day, I can step into a church and lawfully marry my significant other or the day I dont get kicked out of an ER room because being "Boyfriends" just isn't a good enough reason! #changeiscoming #NOH8 #UnitedForMarriage #prop8 #doma #supremecourt #red #marriageequality #lgbt #straightally
  18. I am surprised and grateful for my straight-but-not-narrow Facebook friends who have chosen to use the red equal sign in solidarity today and tomorrow. Thank you.
  19. Put a red equal sign as your Facebook pic. That'll fix everything. Or perhaps, just perhaps, go do something good out in the real world.
  20. So great to see so many friends already changing their profile pic to support equality. Do it today & make Facebook equal :)