Oracle America's Cup boat Capsizes

The Oracle Team USA boat capsized Tuesday afternoon near the Golden Gate in San Francisco, and live video captured it as the currents pulled it from the Golden Gate, crew on board.

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  1. The 72-foot Catamaran, Larry Ellison's hope for the America's Cup, capsized in rough surf, as the crew held on, awaiting rescue.It was not immediately clear what impact this would have on the team's participation in the 2013 race to be held in San Francisco. Nor, is this the first time one of the team's yachts have flipped.
  2. This amazing- and scary- live video recorded the events
  3. The entire crew reportedly made it off safely
  4. Reaction to the capsizing varied from empathy, to wisecracking.
  5. Oh my, Oracle not looking so good on America's Cup!
  6. Ouch, that's an expensive one...
  7. Ouch, USA's hope for a America's Cup victory, the 72 foot catamaran from Oracle pitchpoled in San Fran. Bay this afternoon.......YIKES
  8. Here is the team on its first sail of the AC72
  9. ORACLE TEAM USA's first AC72 sail
  10. This is  one of the team's other boats, the AC45, when it capsized in June.
  11. America's Cup: Russell Coutts on AC45 Oracle capsizes spectacularly in San Francisco
  12. This is a very cool onboard camera (not from Tuesday's flip)
  13. Onboard Camera: ORACLE TEAM USA Spithill Capsize #acboathouse