Nadia Lockyer's sad scandal

Since February, Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, who is married to the California state treasurer, has been in the spotlight after news broke of her substance abuse, an affair, and an alleged beating by her ex-lover. Today, she finally resigned. Here is how the story unfolded.

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  1. Above, she talks about how she decided to get into politics.
  2. This is Nadia Lockyer before the scandal became public. It appeared that she had a promising political career, and that the marriage between Nadia, now 40 and her husband Bill Lockyer, 70, was strong and happy.
  3. Nadia Lockyer for Alameda County Board of Supervisor, District 2
  4. Nadia Lockyer for Alameda County Board of Supervisor Commercial
  5. Then , the shocking news broke

  6. Then, Nadia Lockyer's ex-lover spoke out amid allegations of sex tapes.
  7. Then, came an email, which Nadia Lockyer says she did not send, which accused her husband of supplying her drugs.
  8. In that email, which landed in the mailbox of a San Jose Mercury News reporter, the message said she could not longer stand the torture. The newspaper, fearing for her safety, called police. 
  9. The tragic unraveling of Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer took a disturbing turn this week when a message from her personal email account landed in a reporter's in-box: Her husband, California's Treasurer Bill Lockyer, the message claimed, bought and gave her the drugs that led to her addiction. In an apparent call for help, the message also said she could no longer stand the torture and harassment of an ex-lover she says beat her in a motel room two months ago. Fearing for her safety, the newspaper immediately called police and forwarded the email to Nadia Lockyer's chief of staff and to her 70-year-old husband's office. Police found her safe at the family home Wednesday afternoon in the Hayward hills.
  10. Today, in a meeting with a San Jose Mercury News reporter, she told the reporter that she was resigning to focus on her recovery.  Here are some reactions to her decision to resign.
  11. May this time away from public service give Nadia the time she and her family need to deal with this matter privately, and may we all give her the time outside the limelight she needs to recover successfully.
  12. Her husband give his public support today.