Reaction: Levi's Jeans & 49ers Football

Levi Strauss & Co. will have the naming rights to the new San Francisco 49ers stadium being built in Santa Clara, and the puns have begun. Is it a good fit?

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  1. CEO of Levi's & the President of the 49ers! Big news coming today! #49ers #Levis @ Levi's Plaza ngbc/
  2. Let the Levi's jokes begin, such as a photoshop of 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh looking alot like another Silicon Valley icon whose jeans were his trademark.
  3. There, too, is the gold connection. A football team named after the California Gold Rush of 1849 teams up with a jean company old enough to have supplied miners with denim jeans.
  4. My dad would have loved this. He was die hard 49er fan, and he name was Levi Jr. Sweet!!!!