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Cries of #needsnow come as California's Sierra snowpack wanes

Temperatures are in the 70s in the Bay Area, but we may pay for the balmy weather later this year. It was confirmed Thursday that January and February were the driest on record in California's Sierra. Skiers & reservoir-watchers are wondering where's the snow?


  1. January and February were the driest on record in the northern Sierras since modern records began, and the third driest since 1850 in San Francisco, which has the oldest and most consistent historical rainfall records in California
  2. The problem is that the precious water content in the snowpack is below average for this date. 
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  4. This is bad news for skiers too. 
  5. Still, the snowpack measured Thursday was better than last year at this time, and worse than a month ago. 
  6. February 2013 Snow Survey
  7. That makes it a little hard to enjoy the balmy weather without feeling a tad guilty.
  8. In fact, 70 degrees might feel good in other parts of the country, where lack of snow is not the issue. 
  9. And, don't write off winter yet. There is still snow in the ski areas encircling Lake Tahoe, just not enough. And from the looks of it, the weather is just fine today.