White Watches for Men? Why not?


  1. When it comes to body accessories that best represent your status and personality, the watch you wear on your wrist speaks loudly about who you are and your fashion sense. Being trendy and stylish used to be reserved for women in the past. But it is something that is increasingly common among men these days. Such men are more commonly referred to as metrosexual masculine men.

    One of the thing that is commonly loved by fashionable men is white accessories. White shoes. White backpack. White spectacles frame. And most important of all, white watches. I would agree if you say that not every man would even consider getting himself a white wristwatch because of the rather soft image you get with white accessories. That is exactly my point. White watches are great for those men who love them but a turn off option for those men who hate them.

    If asked what is the proportion of men belonging to each group, then I am equally curious to find out. But if the option for white watches available for men is of any indication, the answer could well be equal for each camp. Do not just take my words for it as I am not a good statstician and I barely passed my maths when I was in elementary school.

    There are many options available for white wristwatches that actually look good. One of them is the white G-Shock collection. If you see how many white models are available among all the G-Shock collection, maybe you would agree with me that there are actually quite a high number of men who has preference for white wristwatches. It is just well, maybe they are not well exposed. And if you are wondering, the watches among the white G-Shock collection speaks volume about the kind of men who would be buying white watches. G-Shock watches are known for their toughness and no other watch brands could even come close to the level of toughness offered by G-Shock watches. What does this mean? It means that you do not have to worry about being seen as lady-like if you wear a white watch on your wrist.

    Other than Casio G-Shock, there are many other brands that offer white watches among their men collection. Diesel is one such brand. Kenneth Cole is another popular fashion watch brand with a solid line-up of white models. Then there is Michal Kors. Also not forgetting such brands as Ice-watch and Armitron. All in all, there are plenty of options that you can choose for if you are looking for a watch that looks different from the typical men's watch of your peers.

    If you have been wanting to get yourself a good watch but worried about the girlish image that it might project, worry not. The key is this. As long as you love it, care not what others have to say. If you keep worrying about what others would say, then you'll be living someone else's life and not yours. But for a starter, look at some of the white G-Shock models and I'm sure they are manly enough.
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