Understanding 4G Technology in the UK

One major benefit of 4G technology is it will be available to more people.


  1. Cell phones have almost become a necessity in today's modern world. Imagine have a potential employer call, only to miss the call and have the job go to someone else. It may be the doctor calling with important test results. Anyone who has ever tried to call their doctor knows how difficult it can be to actually connect with them thanks to their busy schedule. For this reason, many people are now looking for 4g deals, so they can have a phone with them at all times. Why is it important to have 4g now?

    In the past, people relied on 2G or 3G technology when they wished to connect with others while on the go. 2G technology allowed individuals to make calls and send text messages while 3G gave people access to the Internet while they were out and about. With the help of 4G services, individuals find their mobile device acts in much the same way their home computer does. There is very little difference in the functionality of their phone and their home computer, thanks to this new technology.

    With the help of 4G technology, users find they are able to obtain directions via GPS using their phone, visit their favorite social networking site and stream videos with ease. The download speeds seen are five to seven times what they were seeing with their 3G network, allowing them to download an entire music album in only three minutes or so. With 3G technology, this process took approximately 20 minutes, as the average download speed with 1Mbit/s. With 4g, the average download speed is 6Mbit/s.

    One major benefit of 4G technology is it will be available to more people. Mobile broadband indoor coverage is expected to reach 98 percent of the country. When people are using their devices outside, where it is easier to provide coverage, this figure is estimated to be 99 percent. Now is the time to look into deals on 4G, as everyone should be able to access the Internet easily. With the help of this new technology, doing so has never been easier. People will next be asking when they'll have access to 5G, but that doesn't appear to be anytime soon, as 4G is more than enough to meet the needs of all.