Locals respond to picture of D.C.'s changing demographics

D.C., the first U.S. city with a black majority, is no longer "Chocolate City." District residents talk about changes in the city and The New York Times' feature on gentrification along H Street, NE.


  1. Does D.C. need a new nickname?

  2. D.C. isn't the only place losing black residents. An estimated 185,000 African Americans left Detroit in the past decade. 

  3. D.C. is also home to a growing Latino population.

  4. The Times piece quotes some local leaders who believe the changes have been positive. 

  5. New code words have emerged to refer to white and black people, gentrification, poverty and wealth.

  6. Many retweeted this message, which calls for a D.C. that's not divided by race.