1. At the Newspaper Association of America MediaXchange conference, I was on a panel about "New Revenue Sources." We talked largely about advertising, in many of its forms, from "native" to "video" to exchanges. We talked a lot about "native advertising," which I've written about for MediaShift and was interviewed about on "On the Media", and some about eCommerce, social media, and video. Here's more.
  2. Panelists: 

    * Moderator: Robert Grimshaw, Managing Director, FT.com 

    * Video: Nathan Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO, #waywire

    * Native Advertising: Dorian Benkoil, Co-Founder and Principal, Teeming Media 

    * Digital Agencies: Grant Moise, Vice President of Digital, The Dallas Morning News 

    * Social: Clark Gilbert, President and CEO, Deseret News Publishing Co. and Deseret Digital Media

  3. In addition to the Tweets below (thank you, all!), I took some notes. Here are some more quotes:

    Clark: "What Forbes is doing with Ad Voices is brilliant.... But it has to be much more than an advertorial"

    Nate: "Theres a huge demand for quality content in video." Also: 40% of our traffic comes from Facebook

    Clark: If I didn't have eCommerce, my growth would be half. Rob: 20% of the growth in newspapers comes from eCommerce (quoting a study, I believe)

    And I talked about how while all ad spots would, ideally, be sold directly -- and it's incumbent on sales teams to tout their value -- they never will be. In a perfect world, then, the publisher would use a perfect "yield management" system to evaluate every advertising opportunity and insert the most valuable ad (to that publisher) in every instance, in fractions of a second.