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Plan Your Oscar Watch Party


  1. Glam it up
  2. A crimson runner, carpet or fabric can go a long way toward setting your party’s mood. Your guests should walk the red carpet when they enter the party, striking poses. Don’t forget the “paparazzi.” Assign one or more people photographer duties. Your paparazzi can snap photos of your guests as they enter. A “Joan Rivers” to greet guess on the the red carpet is always a nice touch.
  3. Add a little candlelight and flowers (red or yellow) to spice up your space.
  4. And you can never have enough gold. Just saying.
  5. Make it a game
  6. printable Oscars bingo game instructions
    printable Oscars bingo game instructions
  7. Make the show interactive by allowing your guests to vote for who they think will win or should win Academy Awards. A list of Oscar nominees is available at
  8. There are several other ways to let your guests win in categories — best themed dish at the party, best dressed at the Oscars, best acceptance speech, etc.
  9. Don’t forget to award winners with a trophy, doodad or knickknack.
  10. Drinking games are always fun… right.
  11. Get imaginative.
  12. Every time someone thanks their parents or the Weinstein Company … drink.
  13. Any time Bradley Cooper, John Legend or Julianne Moore get some screen time … drank.
  14. Stage the room
  15. Like the Super Bowl, Oscar night is very much a TV-centric event.
  16. Position seating around the TV so you can maximize the number of people enjoying the best seat in the house. If possible, entertain in a space large enough so that the talkers won’t be sitting on top of those who actually care about the show. Some people take Oscar night more seriously than others. Make sure there is a place to set drinks and your delicious appetizers.