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Delicious recipes for your Super Bowl party

It's hard work, but someone has to do it. Our stomachs endured hunger pangs as we trawled through the depths of Pinterest to find you the most mouthwatering recipes for your Super Bowl Sunday. Enjoy.


  1. SPICY BBQ KIELBASA: If you thought those meatballs that everyone and their Aunt Sally brings to a potluck were delicious, you haven't met kielbasa yet. Think of a cocktail weenie, only infinitely more delicious: a little smoky, a little spicy, and bold as all get out. Oh, and Crock Pot recipe? EASY.
  2. Crock Pot Spicy Barbecue Kielbasa
    Crock Pot Spicy Barbecue Kielbasa
  3. NACHO BAR: This is a lazy (or super busy) person's guide to success. Chop up a bunch of stuff, toss it in bowls, and voila! You have a beautiful display and no one gets cranky because someone put olives on their nachos. (Want to up the health factor or make it more of a meal? Turn it into a baked potato bar.)
  4. SLOW COOKER STICKY CHICKEN WINGS: Everyone knows that when it comes to wings, sauce is boss. So thicken it up with this fantastic recipe featuring a sauce made from sriracha, soy, honey, brown sugar and more good stuff. Mmm.
  5. Super Bowl Recipes Round-Up!
    Super Bowl Recipes Round-Up!
  6. SNICKERS POPCORN: It combines the best of all TV snacks -- popcorn and chocolate. And the best flavor profiles -- sweet and salty. Add some caramel and peanuts and you're set.
  7. {15 yummy super bowl food ideas
    {15 yummy super bowl food ideas
  8. BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP: Literally the crack of all dips, if you're making this you'd better triple the recipe. (No, I'm serious. Because I'm coming over.)
  9. STUFFED JALAPENOS: It's really hard to go wrong with bacon, and you knew we were going to bring it up at some point, right? Seriously though, baked jalapenos offer just the right amount of heat and smoke and the cream cheese calms it right down. Sweet balance.
  10. BEER-CANDIED BACON: This is for you if you're a.) ambitious, b.) a hipster, c.) both. It looks damn delicious and has lots of our favorite things in one place. Truth is, it's actually way easier than it looks, and it's gluten-free.