1. It all started with something innocuous enough: a Facebook event page.
  2. The post quickly went viral, spiraling so out-of-control that both Dayton Police AND Limp Bizkit put out tweets about it:
  3. Now, Dayton has Photoshopped the band at the #DaytonInspires mural...
  4. -
  5. -
  6. ....bought an actual domain name for the fake event...
  7. ...are "selling tickets" on Craigslist (I know, not sketch at all, right?)...
  8. ... are selling "bootleg" concert tees on Etsy...
  9. ...and snapped gas station selfies.
  10. -
  11. Our own Amelia Robinson put together a little video to clear up any misgivings that this *might* still be real. (SPOILER ALERT: IT'S NOT)
  12. -
  13. National outlets like Gawker are covering it, too.
  14. The Daily Beast has deemed Brian Baker, the prankster behind it all, a "hero."
  15. VICE called the Facebook event creators "pranksters."
  16. It was also covered by Stereogum.