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10 of the worst 'sexy' Halloween costumes


  1. 10.) Jackie O. Kennedy. Yes, the First Lady.
  2. As if it weren't bad enough that this is JFK's widow, adding to the tacky factor is that the garb is inspired by Jackie's outfit when her husband was shot.😳
  3. 9.) The Smoking Bachelorette.
  4. Okay, what am I even looking at right now? A sea captain? A satin-clad pirate? Oh, it's supposed to be a sexy lady version of Hugh Hefner. Yes, this makes total sense and isn't ironic on, like, 50 different levels.🙈
  5. 8.) Sexy Crayon
  6. Why yes, let's sexualize an item that 5-year-olds play with regularly. BONUS: It comes in green, purple, and red, too.
  7. 7.) Cat In the Hat
  8. Okay, let's look past the fact that this is the character of a children's book and just talk about how ridiculous this looks.
  9. 6.) Anita Reefer Nurse
  10. Ah, a ridiculous name to go with a ridiculous outfit. Looks like they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with some new costume ideas.
  11. 5.) General Lee
  12. COULD YOU JUST NOT. Anyone else find this super-offensive and inappropriate? Anyone?
  13. 4.) Wind Up Monkey
  14. Uhh...
  15. 3.) Canada Flag Dress
  16. A sexy flag? Isn't this treasonous? From the Care/Washing instructions: "Intended for 1 time use. Do not wash." So you can just ball it up and toss it when you're done with it.😱
  17. 2.) Sexy Lumberjack