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6 recipes for International Picnic Day

You're all set for International Picnic Day -- you've got the plates, napkins, utensils, blanket, basket and the perfect spot picked out. Now, what to eat? Load up your basket and Tupperware containers will these six recipes for International Picnic Day from Pinterest:


  1. 1. TRIPLE BERRY SUMMER SALAD: All of the light, refreshing tastes of summer berries on a blanket of torn spinach and accented with feta cheese and avocado.
  2. 2. BEST GRILLED CHICKEN: A few simple ingredients and a marinade time of two hours will help transform these chicken breasts into the BEST grilled chicken.
  3. 3. HUMMUS AND MONTEREY JACK WRAPS: 15 minutes later, you have four vegetarian-friendly wraps that can be made two hours ahead of time.
  4. 4. CHEESEBURGER SALAD IN A JAR: Sure, you've had cheeseburgers off the grill, but what about in a jar?
  5. 5. BROCCOLI BACON & PASTA SALAD: As an entree or an appetizer, this pasta salad is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.
  6. 6. CHERRY TOMATO AND BLUE CHEESE SALAD: This popable recipe is snap to make.