Food Justice: Student Efforts

What students are doing and why it matters to the average college student.


  1. At Ithaca College, some students come together every Friday afternoon to repackage leftover dining hall food to distribute to the disadvantaged in Ithaca. I took a ride with them to experience the process.
  2. The volunteers retrieved leftover food from the Towers dining hall kitchen heaters.
  3. Then they package them individually.
  4. The final products are stored briefly in the heating areas until all are ready for delivery.
  5. For the full interview with the president of Stop Wasting Ithaca's Food Today, Megan Strouse, see here:
  6. In November, we discovered a sophomore at the college who began an initiative to collect and donate bagged lunches. Similar to dining hall good, much of the lunch options at Grab N' Go and In the Bag go to waste.
  7. At Ithaca College, first-year students are required to purchase a meal plan, which can cost about $3,210 per semester. How effective is this at combating hunger on college campuses? There is not enough emphasis placed on the issue of food insecurity among college students, which is evidence by the lack of nationwide survey data on hungry students. Read more from the Washington Post: