Keejay II

It's the current year. #ExistenceIsPain

Shivaji Shiva

Charity lawyer, trustee Cyclists' Defence Fund

karolyn gehrig

Queer Disabled Artist, Writer + Advocate with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I nerd out over clothes + play D&D. #HospitalGlam

David Batty

News editor & writer for The Guardian


Views my own, probably not those of my employer

Sanaz Raji

independent scholar & activist interested in race, gender, sexuality, migrant and student rights issues. #NoOneIsIllegal #Justice4Sanaz #SanazMustStay

Fair Deal for Women

We are a coalition of 11 leading UK women's organisations campaigning for a fair deal for women. (Account run by @whywomen; RT's not necessarily endorsements)

Media Reform UK

We campaign for a more democratic & accountable media, where diversity, public interest & ethical journalism come before the private gain of a few media moguls.

Southwark Greens

News & views from Southwark Green Party.

Cymunedau Cymraeg

Cynghrair Cymunedau Cymraeg sydd eisiau #BywYnGymraeg ac sy'n cydweithio a rhannu ymarfer da er mwyn grymuso ein cymunedau.

Uday Jain

Student of politics and history.

Save West Hampstead

Save West Hampstead #StopTheBlocks! Residents & community association opposing A2 Dominion proposal at 156 West End Lane. #SaveWHamp #WHamp #NW6 #156WEL

20-something. white, queer, cis, woman, sex worker. she/her. adorable. whore.

SOCIAL HOUSING UNDER THREAT - The Campaign for Social Housing

Phoenix DK

Voice Over Artist/Audio-Visual Technician. Does audio stuff. Plays videogames a lot. Writes about her many opinions. Reviews anything & everything.