David Edwards

SEO n' marketing n' ting @iProspectmcr

Karen Tippett-Lehane

PR, incl: Elite Island Resorts (St Lucia,Antigua,Barbados, Grenadines,BVI) & hair legend Errol Douglas MBE. Winner CIPR Outstanding Freelance Practitioner award

Supporting Wall

Arts production, management and development. Currently producing Philip Ridley's Dark Vanilla Jungle on UK tour. http://t.co/Q3PF0U2WpQ

Paul Houlihan

You'd better run, squirrel.


OurNHS is openDemocracy's new NHS section, to run to the 2015 election and beyond, committed to restoring a democratic and genuinely national health service.

The Negatory

Matthew. Hackney. Sweary. NUFC. RoR samba. Photographer. Birder. Baker. Crap carpenter. Geek. Cyclist. Mainly grumpy.


Ginger & Northern(ish) (not a cat) All views my own, except when they aren't. Not all RTs are an endorsement but most are.

Samira Ahmed

Freelance Journo BBC,Visiting Prof Kingston Uni.Spiritual Berliner,ex-LosAngeleno,movie connoisseur,especially Westerns&SF.Writes on culture/politics/religion

Kimberley Ramplin

Malcolm Tucker's younger sister; politics, sport & travel junkie; BA (Comms), MA (Int'l Relations), dux of my primary school. RTs = endorsement or piss-taking.

Bikes, bikes, bikes, tree-hugging hippy


~Queer WoC feminist muslim journalist INFP~ I play with owls and talk to my violin. Tweets on mental health, geekery and politics.

Raghu Ravi

R, The lame guy.

Beulah Maud Devaney

Publishing Assistant and Features Editor at @ForBooksSake. Blogger at @HuffPostUK Dream weaver, heavy breather (asthma).


Blogging on the subject of politics, economics, psychology, activism and other things I don't understand.


Asian lefty woman troublemaker. Not a pad or a pie. Graphic designer. Londoner.