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Local reaction to Casey Anthony verdict

Casey Anthony, a Florida woman who was accused of murdering her daughter, Caylee, in 2008, was acquitted on the serious charges of murder, manslaughter and child abuse. She was convicted of providing false info to a police officer. Here's some of the reaction from the Washtenaw County area to the case, which has received much attention nationwide.


  1. Anticipation grew this afternoon as the jury announced it had reached its verdict in the case one day after beginning deliberations.

  2. The verdict was then read by the jury foreman, and it seemed the Twitterverse nearly exploded, even locally. Many expected the verdict to be a guilty one.

  3. Some began comparing it to the OJ Simpson trial in the 1990s, where many believed he would be found guilty.
  4. And some in the area showed relief that the coverage of the trial would die down.