I Get This Call Every Day is coming to Steam

if you bought the game, and you support GamerGate, I wanted to make sure you didn't get a Steam key. Unfortunately that plan just didn't work out.


  1. If you already know how this story begins, then scroll down to the break to see the update.
  2. If not, read on. These are tweets I made on Dec 1st after GamerGate, with the help of folks like Adam Baldwin, "discovered" my idle discussion over a plan I was making.
  3. Since I plan on updating the website, here's what it said at the time (had to use someone else's tweet)
  4. :
  5. Back to my tweets.
  6. To further clarify: everyone who purchased I Get This Call Every Day through itch.io, Humble, Desura, Fastspring, or Sellbox will still have access to their purchases through either their itch.io account, Desura account, or their Humble account (for everyone who didn't purchase via itch.io or Desura). No one is losing the product that they paid for.
  7. Note: I have been alerted to this Facebook post: https://archive.today/v66bM. This could be construed as a promise of a key for anyone trying to weasel their way to a fraud accusation, so I offer the following amendment.
  8. If you are a member of GamerGate, and purchased the game in expectation of a Steam key based on previous information, I will be handling refunds on a case-by-case basis: contact me with the email used to purchase the game.

  10. For the record, neither can itch.io, as I was later advised.