Conversation with Ethan James Petty

Ethan James Petty is a scriptwriter working at Ubisoft Montreal, who worked on Watch_Dogs. We had a little discussion about problematic representation.

byDavid S Gallant1,846 Views
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  1. In case you aren't familiar, Watch_Dogs is a $60 open-world manshooty game where you can also hack the planet with a cell phone. It has some issues with its representation of people.
  2. I haven't played Watch_Dogs yet, but I've seen enough of it to know this is more or less accurate, as illustrated by the video linked below.

    EDIT: The video has since disappeared. It was gameplay footage of Watch_Dogs in which protagonist Aiden Pierce uses Profiler, a hacking app that shows the names and an "interesting fact" about nearby non-player characters (NPCs). In the video, the NPC nearest to Aiden is identified as "Transgender". The player immediately draws a shotgun and guns the NPC down. Randomly killing NPCs is a pretty typical act in an open-world game, though the video makes it pretty clear why that particular NPC was killed.
  3. So, I was a bit perturbed when the Watch_Dogs scriptwriter tweeted out the following.
  4. A fairly one-sided conversation ensued.