How To Find A House Buyer Quickly

sell your house fast using these simple techniques


  1. Selling your home is often said to be one of the most stressful times in a person's life so you might be surprised to know that some people choose to do it for a living. You may think we were talking about estate agents but you would be mistaken. We are in fact talking about property traders.

  2. Unlike property developers, traders simply look to buy homes as cheaply as possible and as long as they are above a certain level of living conditions, they then re-sell , or "flip" the property to make a quick profit.

  3. One of the easiest ways to find buyers quickly is by reducing the asking price, but as many have found this is not the end and be all to selling a house fast, you will still be forced to deal with time wasters and those who can never make a decision until every little box is ticked on their list, which sometimes you will find can reach double figures.
  4. If however finding a buyer as quickly as possible is your number one priority then you might consider contacting some of the "sell your house fast - cash property buying companies like Ready Steady Sell which have recently become more and more common within the UK housing market. They are without doubt the fastest way of quickly finding a buyer who isn't reliant on a mortgage to buy your home but instead has the cash in the bank, ready to complete a sale quickly. The problem with doing so however is that they all tend to offer you less than the actual market value, which is something which may be unacceptable to you.
    The other ways of trying to sell your home quickly other than by reducing the asking price is to present the home as attractively as possible, good staging is what can give the viewer that all important wow factor.
  5. Let's have a look at the top three ways of doing so:
  6. 1) Have a good clear out
    No one likes to visit a home when it is cluttered with belongings everywhere, not only does it make moving around the house difficult it also suggests to buyers that maintaining your home is either not a priority for you, or that you simply have not had the time to do so. Buyers like to be assured that everything works as it should and that any repairs have been carried out quickly before things have been allowed to spread or get out of hand.
  7. 2) Get those DIY jobs taken care of
    Have a good look at each individual room of your property and make a list of things which need attention. We not talking about big renovation projects or building a walk in wardrobe, but things such as holes in walls, dripping taps and stained carpets. By spending a day with a paint brush in one hand and a spanner in the other you can show the person viewing that everything works as it should and that your home is ready to be moved into.
  8. 3) Form a marketing strategy
    Whilst it is the job of your estate agent to market your property, it can't help by doing some yourself on an evening when you have a few minutes spare. You can put on sites like Facebook and Twitter that your looking to sell your home as these sites are extremely popular during the evening times.
  9. Secondly, and on a more strategic level you should have two prices in mind when it comes to advertising your home. Have an official listing price which both you and your estate agent can put in their adverts, but also have a second lower price kept in the back of your mind as buyers always tend to offer lower than the asking price when first putting in an offer.