David Servant

David Servant


  1. When David Servant read the results of his high-school occupation ability test, he laughed. The results advised him that he was best matched for a profession in ministry or even in entertainment. At the time, David Servant’s future goal was to reside in a cottage in the forests and live off the land for the remainder of his lifetime.

    The Lord, nevertheless, had various prepare for David. God didn’t intend for him to escape from the world, but rather to play a part in altering the world-- by constructing God’s kingdom. David got his call to ministry during his (hesitant) freshman year at Penn State, and one year later was signed up in Bible School.

    Upon graduation, David Servant and his new bride-to-be, Becky, originated their first church in David’s hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. That was more than thirty years earlier.

    Throughout the years, David Servant and Becky Servant originated and pastored 3 churches, all three of which were really missions-oriented. David Servant often took a trip worldwide to instruct in pastors’ conferences, throughout which time he established many ministry pals in ratings of establishing countries.

    When David was serving at his 3rd pastorate, Jesus’ words in Matthew 25-- the foretelling of the future judgment of the sheep and the goats-- captured his heart, and that birthed a change in his ministry. Heaven’s Family was the result, launched in 2002.

    David Servant is the author of 8 books, consisting of Forever Rich, and the The Disciple-Making Minister, a 500-page gearing up handbook that has been equated into more than 20 languages and is being dispersed to 10s of countless pastors.

    David Servant and Becky have been married for 32 years. They have 3 grown children and one grandchild.

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