Blockchain and Liquid Democracy

Ahead of NYC event w/ Democracy.Earth, Thurs. Dec. 14th, 6:30 pm


  1. RSVP for early bird tickets w/ Sanitago Siri of Democracy.Earth.
  2. Realize this is dense & obscure - for background, see, well, more overlong posts: my public proposal for the open X11 standard, which could turn currently-closed-off social media posts into official e-petitions locatable in a government district; how open data standards can create a 311-like user experience for contacting your elected officials at every level of government; and how non-profit civic hacking leads to more responsive government.
  3. Please keep in mind, as I've gently tried to remind: politically-engaged U.S. internet users are not currently able to take full advantage of the potential of open technology for a participatory and responsive representative democracy, largely b/c many legacy players seek to protect their business models and government institutions are resistant to more-strong public accountability measures.
  4. Unfortunately, almost no one reading this is in a position of trust & influence over Republican primary voters. None of the Tweets & FB posts that make progressives feel better will be seen, much less affect, Republican primary voters, due to the "filter bubble" problem and hyper-partisanship.
  5. One mantra here might be "Never Tweet, pay for local organizers and invest in local voter-registration capacity", but I'll close out instead with: there might be workable tech fixes on the horizon, for many of these problems, and maybe it'll be awesome and seamless and liberating. Questions & feedback welcome, david at