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Travers day creates social media buzz in Saratoga

The 143rd running of the Travers Stakes is will take place Saturday afternoon at Saratoga Race Course. Here's what people had to say about it.


  1. Many people arrived at the Spa when the gates opened at 7 a.m. Some raced to claim spots in the picnic area while others took up seats in the pavilion.
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  3. Sam the Bugler — now in his 20th year working for NYRA — was dressed in his Saturday best to call horses to post.
  4. In my opinion, the smart move is to pick up a Pink Sheet to wee what our handicappers recommend, however, there was betting advice aplenty throughout social media.
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  8. Of course, not everyone in Saratoga is a racing fan.
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  12. Here's some more Travers day fashion.
  13. #travers @abrlive #eclipsesportswire
    #travers @abrlive #eclipsesportswire
  14. Workdayyy! #travers #babies (missing @ashleighroboxo ) @feebee_3 @kellyho7 😘💓
    Workdayyy! #travers #babies (missing @ashleighroboxo ) @feebee_3 @kellyho7 😘💓
  15. Here's a blast from the past.
  16. How people should dress today ... #saratoga #travers #style
    How people should dress today ... #saratoga #travers #style
  17. This is epic. I wonder how many of those are winners?
  18. Sounds like people are enjoying Saratoga's exposure on network television.
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