David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-Successful Years at the CIBC Wood Gundy

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has enjoyed working as investment manager and advisor at CIBC Wood Gundy for over a decade.


  1. ​David Garnier of Dartmouth, Novia Scotia, had a meteorite rise at the Canadian retail brokerage, CIBC Wood Gundy. He started out his career with the company more than a decade ago, shortly after leaving Scotia McLeod where they were very satisfied with his work and production, but his contract ran out. In the CIBC beginnings, he was an investment manager who already had experience working with money. Between 2003 and 2009, he was an investment manager with the firm. His managed multiple accounts, always doing an admirable job.

  2. After six successful years working as an advisor, the company board thought that it was time to promote him, remarkably making him a Portfolio Manager and Vice President David Garnier Nova Scotia has been in this role since 2010 with various valuable portfolios. At CBIC Wood Gundy, they take customer satisfaction rather seriously. According to their mission statement, their best investment is the time they put in to get to know their clients.

  3. The company has over a 1.000 investment advisors working for them all around the country, trying to bring unique solutions to unique clients. Everything at the CBIC is built on the premise that they are capable of something that not many brokerage can do, serving their clientele in a way that can only be associated with a caring staff. The company’s message resonates with all of its workers and vice-versa, which is the main reason why the company can be so successful.

  4. The sheer number of investment advisors had already been brought up, but what’s much more remarkable than that is the more than 80 locations in Canada. That is a whole lot of potential client who wants to deal with someone who cares for them, someone who can manage to take care of their portfolio like it were theirs. David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, represents these values, and that is why he is extremely successful in his current role, and could easily fill it for another decade, provided there isn’t another promotion on its way. Wouldn’t be a first.