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Data Journalism Awards: The Winners

Awarded at the GEN News World Summit 2013 in Paris on June 20. The awards went to The Guardian US (USA), Jean Abbiateci (France), La Nacion (Argentina), Wales Online (UK), BBC (UK), We Do Data (France) and Thomson Reuters (USA) .


  1. From all 73 nominees...
  2. ...those projects took home the awards:
  3. Data storytelling, big media
  4. Data storytelling, small media
  5. Data-driven investigative journalism, big media
  6. Data-driven investigative journalism, small media
  7. Data-driven applications, big media
  8. Data-driven applications, small media
  9. Data journalism section or website
  10. Public Choice Award
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    2012 Edition

    Awarded at the GEN News World Summit 2012 in Paris on May 31. The six awards went to Mother Jones (USA), The Seattle Times (USA), The Guardian (UK), NGS (Russia), Politnetz (Switzerland) and Chicago Tribune (USA).

    From all 59 nominees...
  12. ...those are the winners.
  13. Data-driven investigation, national/international