Smart Phone Recording

You don't need a smartphone, you need to smartly use your phone.


  1. Professionals aren't afraid of using their phones as recording devices - and offer helpful tips to upcoming smartphone journalists in recording sounds well and with the right equipment for the phone-generation journalists. 
  2. The name says it all - easy. There are so few ways to go wrong with this app that I will be keeping it beyond this assessment. More is less, or less is more? The main interface literally has 4 buttons - a well educated child could successfully use this app. 
  3. The below video details the exact features of the app, and explains the more intricate functions included. 
  4. Easy Voice Recorder Pro App Explainer Video --
  5. Additionally, should the already strong audio quality not be satisfactory, many compact microphones are available for use in interview situations where a bulky microphone may not be the most comfortable piece of equipment for the subject to be faced with. As such, plugging in a small microphone is a viable option for many people - as taken by many others in my cohort.