Dialogue on Prerequisites for Collaboration

A dialogue on Twitter platform for David's course in IDEO-University's Ideas to Action.


  1. An invation to join a Twitter dialogue on the aspects of collaboration.
  2. A nice little graphical overview of the IDEO University course 'From Ideas to Action'.
  3. So what are some examples of the warning signals that collaboration is not about to happen?
  4. So it seems like invitation might need to be personalized a bit... the generic invitation had little response; but when I got specfic... kinda called people out... like a gun-fighter in the dusty street...
  5. Woody is very popular right now on the conference and workshop circuit for discovering how to turn up the best in small groups of developers. He and his cohorts decided that a bit of intensive pair programming could be turned up to eleven (on a scale of 1 to 10). They coined the slightly satirical term - Mob Programming, to describe their activity.