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Travel Media Assoc of Canada Social Storytime

On March 3rd 2013, i shared stories, anecdotes and viewpoints about how travel media creators can and could use social media tools and tactics to build audience, share stories and add depth to coverage by building a posse of fans and advocates.


  1. Since the TMAC BC board met for our Christmas Lunch at Fish Shack we have been busy putting together our Professional Development Day, March 2 at River Rock Casino Resort. I think this will be our best PD Day yet. We have secured several speakers, including Dave Olson, a mixed media storymaker who will talk about HootSuite and other social media and Don Genova, who will talk about freelancer rights and contracts and more.
  2. I was fascinated by what Dave Olson , a director of Vancouver-based Hootsuite, had to say. Condensed down, he urged us all to use Twitter to do our pre-trip research by connecting with local experts at our destinations. Hashtags are the answer to success here and should include place and your interest. For example, #Portland #Craftbeer. You need to manage the responses into "streams" on Hootsuite using one stream per hashtag. Once you have collected a few locals who're interested in your quest, invite them to meet you in a group after you arrive. Dave suggested we ask them to bring images to show us and interview them to record their wisdom. Local experts bring authenticity to your articles, blog posts, images, tweets, etc. @DaveOHoots.