Bret Bielema vs. UW fans on Twitter

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  1. Things were all rosy, so to speak, after Wisconsin beat Nebraska in the Big Ten title game on Dec. 1.
  2. Shortly after the Big Ten title game, Bielema left for Arkansas. This is the first instance I could find of Bielema confronting a fan's comment on Twitter. (Bielema's comment is: "Check stats, and go back to sleep.")
  3. This one came a day after Wisconsin's Rose Bowl loss. (Bielema: "Hope as a father ... ")
  4. Bielema didn't write this one, but re-tweeted it to his followers. The issue of not enough pay for his assistant coaches at Wisconsin was something Bielema brought up once he went to Arkansas.
  5. Not really an insult, per se, but Bielema still at it reacting to a fan comment. (Bielema: "Weak minds ...")
  6. Bielema appeared to have mellowed a bit with his last two reactions ... but that didn't last long. (Bielema: "Why hate ...")
  7. Just five days later, Bielema wrote this ... ("Have never met you and happy.")
  8. ... then a little over a week later, this past Sunday, Bielema went on a bit of a flurry of responses. First, insulting this fan. (Bielema: "Enjoy life alone")
  9. Then coming up with this retort ("We did." ... the original tweet references a response Bielema's wife, Jen, made to a reporter's comment on Twitter).
  10. This comment wasn't even directed to Bielema in any way. He went on the fan's timeline - the same one as above - and picked this one out. Jay Skebba wrote to me on Twitter: "I wasn't looking for a fight, but got one anyway." (Bielema: "Stay classy")
  11. Again, this was not sent to Bielema. He went on that person's timeline and picked it out. (Bielema: "Hope your children ...")
  12. Bielema's final tweet from Sunday. He sent it via a phone app, so perhaps that is to blame. Either way, it was an ignominious end to the day.