My Penis Sometimes Gets Sore Please Help

Many men complain in regards to a sore penis, especially after masturbating or having sexual activity. In most cases this is a normal reaction for your skin from the penis, particularly after rough or aggressive sex


  1. Many men complain in regards to a sore penis, especially after masturbating or having sexual activity. In most cases this is a normal reaction for your skin from the penis, particularly after rough or aggressive sex has taken place. However, sometimes the penis pain that is certainly being experienced might point to that there is a much more serious problem, one which could possibly need medical assistance to remedy.
    Causes of the Sore Penis
    There are several causes for any sore penis. These can range between simple penis skin damage, where the epidermis or the outer layer with the penis skin has been over stimulated during intercourse, to more severe complaints say for example a penis skin allergy or condition, penis skin ailment, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
    Allergies and Skin Conditions with the Penis
    Believe it or otherwise, the skin in the penis is similar to all skin on our bodies. Therefore, it could be prone to hypersensitive reactions where certain products including soaps and latex from condoms irritate it. In addition, penis skin can also be afflicted with skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. All of these skin complaints will be aggravated during sexual intercourse and will cause penis pain; the penis can also become red and inflamed.
    Treatments ' These range from simply changing soaps or using different condoms to presenting special creams to cut back the inflammation. Change one product at any given time and see if the makes a difference to the sore penis. If after changing all products there's no change noted then it is advised to consult a doctor or visit a local clinic. They may then advise a cream to help reduce the redness and penis pain.
    Smegma Build-up and Thrush of the Penis
    Many men who usually are not circumcised complain about smegma build-up and also the smell until this emits. Smegma is really a natural secretion from the male and female genitalia, and it's also believed to assist the removal of the dead skin cells and in lubrication during intercourse. While smegma does emit a smell, often musky in nature, this smell mustn't be offensive. It is important to observe that some individuals may have a more powerful smell then others, and this is thought to be associated with their hormonal levels
    Treatment - For many, this disorder is not only embarrassing, it also prevents them from developing a happy and fulfilling sex-life. The good news, however, would be that the condition is curable; frequent washing is not the answer. Wash just once a day and after sex (masturbation or intercourse). Avoid using soap because this can add for the problem, since it is often not PH neutral and removes the 'good' bacteria. Use a solution of warm, salty water until the build-up comes under control.
    Thrush - If the build-up becomes itchy, or smell returns, then your problem will not be just smegma related. The penis may also have thrush, that's an over production of yeast. This condition can take place in circumcised and uncircumcised men, and it could be extremely frustrating and painful xtrasize.
    Treatment - Typically, this issue is treated much like smegma build-up; it is also recommended make fish an antifungal cream be used daily. It is also believed that natural yoghurt applied for the infected area assists in restoring the 'good' bacteria and balancing the PH of the area.
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
    There can be a range of sexually transmitted diseases that can cause penis pain, especially because STD manifests itself, nevertheless the most prevalent is genital herpes. However, in addition there are many other symptoms that will present themselves automobile STD is present: discharge, sores, as well as other lesions.
    Treatment - If it is suspected a STD occurs it is recommended that immediate medical advice is sought, as there exist several STDs as well as their treatment varies. Also, some illnesses could have a detrimental effect on the health from the sufferer and could also impair their sexual function down the road.
    It can be recommended a daily care r??gime for your skin of the penis be initiated to protect the penis skin from damage. Over time, this will strengthen the epidermis and make it more resilient to damage during sex. The best kind of care for penis skin is the use of your penis specific cr??me (physicians often recommend Man1 Man Oil). These products contain essential nutritional supplements that maintain and maintain the health of the penis skin and improve sexual function.