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  1. cheap insurance lafayette la
  2. cheap insurance lafayette la
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://INSUREQUOTE.US/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. How much does it cost to insure a child care center?
  6. I am enrolled in a college course called Administration of Early Childhood Programs. My final project is creating my own child care center (the project covers everything and is very detailed so we can use our materials if we actually do open up a center). Anyways, I am stuck on one part of my budget. I have been researching for hours and cannot find what my estimated cost of what liability insurance would cost me per year. Because this business does not actually exist I am having difficulties obtaining a quote from insurance companies. My center is licensed for 140 children at one time. If anyone has an estimated cost or a source that would give me an average cost per child or an insurance estimate calculator or anything like that would really help. Thanks!"
  7. How much will having a body kit on a car raise your car insurance for a 17year old?
  8. automotive, insurance"
  9. How much should a person pay for car insurance in uk?
  10. How much should a person pay for car insurance in uk?
  11. How much is insurance for a road legal buggy? Or how much would you guess?
  12. I'm 22 and only just got my drivers licence. The buggy I'll get will probably be about 250cc. Probably second hand and worth around 1500-1750. If you have the answer that'd be great, but mainly I just want to know whether it'll be significantly lower than it is for males my age to get car insurance. No need to mention getting quotes from websites, I've already thought of it."
  13. How much would the car insurance be on this car?
  14. How much would insurance cost on a black 2012 ford mustang for my 17 year old son. it's the lx kind not gt racing. Please give opinions based off your insurance
  15. Need the names of insurance companies for commercial trucks...NOT brokers...thanks?
  16. Need the names of insurance companies for commercial trucks...NOT brokers...thanks?
  17. Is legit?
  18. I was wondering if the site is legit and If they have good rates
  19. Car registration number wont work on insurance websites?
  20. and i was not typing it in wrong. i checked and typed it 5 times atleast correctly.
  21. Adding a third driver to your insurance policy?
  22. I am 18 and still have my learner's permit. Although I could have gotten my full license when I was 16 my parents and I decided to wait until I was 18 that way the insurance would cost less. My question is, once I do get my full license, how much can my parent's expect their premium to go up? I don't have my own car yet, and probably won't for about a year. I live in Florida and our current insurance company is Auto Owner's."
  23. What's a affordable insurance brand/plan for motorcycles?
  24. For a ducati if that makes any difference
  25. Insurance Premium Increase?