Brown University Commencement Protest

On May 25th, at least 200 members of the graduating Class of 2014 wore red IXs on their caps to demand justice for survivors and to protest Brown University's inadequate response to students' demands for sexual assault policy change.

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    Over the past few months, Brown University students have been actively vocalizing their concerns around issues of sexual assault on this campus. 


    On April 22nd, Brown University student Lena Sclove held a press conference about her sexual assault experience, which resulted in national media coverage as well as the formation of the Justice for Lena and Survivors Everywhere Facebook group. Students also organized the Imagine Rape Zero (a play on Brown’s 250th anniversary slogan: “Imagine Brown 250+”) campaign against sexual assault and circulated petitions, including one with a finalized list of demands. The petitions garnered 10,000+ signatures overall. Alums and parents have also expressed their concerns through the withholding of donations and letter writing campaigns.


    Despite these pressures, the University’s response has been unsatisfactory. Promising to be a "national leader" and creating a “sexual assault task force” to begin its work this Fall does not adequately address students' demands for policy change and, ultimately, a safe campus. It was announced on Thursday, May 22nd that complaints have been filed against Brown University for violating the Title IX gender equity law and Clery Act campus security law. 


    On the day of Commencement for the Class of 2014 (Sunday, May 25th), an estimated 200 graduating seniors wore red IXs on their caps. These IXs are our way of demanding justice for survivors, keeping Brown accountable, and working in solidarity with activists on other campuses. Faculty, alumni, and parents also joined in by wearing Imagine Rape Zero stickers. 

    Here is a record of this action as documented on social media. 
  2. Happy graduation day! #brown14 #imaginerape0 #attitudedanceco #impulsedanceco
    Happy graduation day! #brown14 #imaginerape0 #attitudedanceco #impulsedanceco
  3. If you'd like an #imaginerape0 tshirt or if you'd like to donate some $£¥ to get these to everyone at #brownuniversity, please message me. @losmitt is a screen printing goddess. #brown250
    If you'd like an #imaginerape0 tshirt or if you'd like to donate some $£¥ to get these to everyone at #brownuniversity, please message me. @losmitt is a screen printing goddess. #brown250
  4. Here we go! #graduation #brown2014
    Here we go! #graduation #brown2014
  5. Professors and students at commencement #imaginerape0 #brown2014 #brownreunion
    Professors and students at commencement #imaginerape0 #brown2014 #brownreunion
  6. today's the day #graduation #brown2014 #imaginerape0
    today's the day #graduation #brown2014 #imaginerape0