My Guest Lecture at @Dr4Ward's Com107 Class

Professor William Ward, aka @Dr4ward, invited me to speak to his Com107 class at the S.I. Newhouse school. The students were tweeting about my talk at hashtag #NH1074Ward. Here are some of those tweets along with my commentary.


  1. <blush!>
  2. Some students seemed to think I was saying professional journalism training isn't valuable anymore. That's definitely not the case -- it helps you stand out. Quality counts in a world where Curation is King.
  3. I told the students that I dislike the term "citizen journalism" because there are people who are not U.S. citizens who participate in media, and their voices are important too. As for "journalism," the term scares many people off and they think they're not worthy. Sometimes they even take the term as an insult because they don't trust journalists.
  4. I asked, "What is journalism, anyway? How is it different from everything else people are talking about online?"
  5. I showed a visualization of the Internet from OPTE to show how the Internet is an egalitarian network. No one brand automatically gains precedence over another. You have to earn that with credibility and links.
  6. Somehow I got LOLCats in there, but I can't remember how. It's just one of my things.
  7. I mentioned the story of how an early automobile designer created the "Horsey Horseless Carriage" with a severed head of a horse on the front so as not to scare horses. They should have been designing a Ferrari. This is a good analogy for legacy leaders who think they're working on the future when, in fact, they're just barely keeping up.

    A few noted this similarity between the HHC and Ferarri that I never noticed!