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Digital East 2012: The 10 Best Things I Learned.

I attended Digital East 2012 last week, a conference in the DC area with big lessons and ideas for those of us who make stuff on the web. Here are some of my favorite lessons and tidbits from the conference:


  1. 1. This Is Excellent Advice — Two speakers really got me excited at Digital East: Alexandre Douzet of The Ladders, and Anthony Melchiorri of "Hotel Impossible."

    Douzet talked about finishing his first Ironman. In his own words:
  2. Melchiorri talked about the importance of focusing on your business first. What is it you really do?
  3. 2. We Need To Learn How To Measure Social Media. — Because here's the simple truth:

  4. This, too:
  5. What's the metric you're actually using to track social? Total shares? Clicks? Likes? Whatever it is, the sooner you settle on it, the better:
  6. 3. Social Starts With a Big Ask — Too often, we fail to actually engage our fans and followers. So, what's the solution?

  7. That's what we're really working towards: loyalty and trust.
  8. 4. YouTube video: Okay. Streaming Video: Better. — Online video is an excellent tool, but streaming video might be an even better one. Here's a stat that shocked me:

  9. But here's the same metric for streaming video:
  10. Streaming video has a few other benefits for brands: